On Tuesday, Port Everglades, Port Canaveral and the Port of Tampa all reopened and are prioritizing fuel tanker ships, according to Gov. Rick Scott's office. RELATED: GALLERY - Irma strikes Florida |  Latest on Irma | Updated closures  | Check gas prices Petroleum tankers have already started to arrive at the Port of Tampa and some of that fuel is on the road for delivery.  The governor's office said Tuesday night that 10 fuel tanker vessels are expected to arrive at the port in the next 48 hours. 3 fuel ships arrived @PortEverglades today to offload 18 million gallons of gas, 3.5 million gallons of diesel and #onsite diesel 14.7 gallons of jet fuel. pic.twitter.com/IPA5ZNf926 — Port Everglades (@PortEverglades) September 12, 2017 Port Everglades has three fuel resupply tankers at berth and are working around the clock to bring more fuel into Florida. The governor has also directed Florida Highway Patrol troopers to escort fuel resupply trucks to gas stations. There are 20 troopers dedicated to this task. Following the governor’s request, Vice President Mike Pence announced that the federal government has waived the Jones Act, which waived additional rules and regulations to allow more fuel to get to Florida quicker.

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FHP troopers helping expedite fuel delivery to SW FL by escorting Edison Fuel Tankers! #FHP #HuricaneIrma

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