The system, tested in rats, successfully delivered drugs across the blood-brain barrier, which is impermeable to many substances, making the brain difficult to treat. The scientists say it could be adapted to deliver drugs to other areas in the body using other molecules in the body.  ''We made tiny particles that can carry drug molecules in the main compartment, but each has a separate sack that sits on the outside of the particle and contains enzymes that use glucose as a fuel to drive movement,'' explains lead author Professor Giuseppe Battaglia (UCL Chemistry and UCL Chemical Engineering). He adds, ''Glucose is present throughout the body but the brain has especially high concentrations. These tiny drug carriers move towards areas where there are high levels of glucose, transforming it into fuel for their own propulsion. This in turn allows them to concentrate at the blood-brain barrier enhancing their crossing into the brain.'' The carriers are made from biocompatible materials so don't cause an inflammatory response from the body. Their movement in combination with the blood flow and the tissue architecture allows them to directly access nearly every site of the human body through blood vessels. Current drug delivery systems use carrier particles with a similar basic structure but because their movement isn't powered, the large majority accumulates in the centre of blood vessels. In contrast, the new carriers can escape the blood flow and accumulate at the vessel wall in the presence of a glucose gradient. This increases the probability to interact with the natural machinery that allows access to the brain increasing considerably the crossing into its interior.

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